My Most Recent learning-experience(Day3)

Today is my third day when i document my recent learning experience at the Andela bootcamp week -1 cohort3 dubbed the Self Learning Clinic.

Today has mostly been a big learning experience for me. I have learned how to effectively do pull requests and even review other peoples pull requests. Today i have experienced the full power of collaboration and team work through the use of git and github. With git, you can push your changes to github and make pull requests which your teammates can review and make recommendations and even comment upon.

This helps you to improve yourself because you are receiving feedback and acting act accordingly. Through out the day we have also practiced TDD since the challenge for day3 is TDD creating a web based shopping list application with the flask framework. Writing unit tests for web apps is not easy but flask makes it easy because it ships with the test_client library and even one can add an external testing library in form of a plug-in for example flask-testing library and selenium using pip and virtual environments.

I have been able to learn how to use Travis CI for continuous integration on github and how to add badges on my github repos.

Today have gained great confidence working with git and and github. I am waiting for day 4’s challenge where i will also be documenting my journey to becoming a world class developer. Do not forget to comment I am welcoming to criticism because thats how i get to improve my self. Thank you for reading



I’m a Software Engineer in love with everything tech

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