My Most Recent Challenging Learning Experience -SLC-Day3

Day two like the past 2days has been quite challenging most especially with the part involving creating a recipes application using flask. Flask is a micro-framework used to develop web applications. Unlike most popular web frameworks such as Django, flask does not ship with database support out of the box that’s why it’s well suited for our particular challenge of creating a web application that has non persitent data. This is done basically to train aspiring Andelans to become comfortable with data structures and front-end technologies.
During day2 a lot has been learned. For example reading the documentation whenever you meet up new technologies and asking for help from your teammates as soon as you are stuck as a sign of collaboration. Other challenging experiences have been a poor internet connection and frequent power blackout which hinder my progress with the challenge greatly.
I will continue writing about my experience in the coming days. Please do not forget to follow me on medium and feedback is very much welcome.


I’m a Software Engineer in love with everything tech

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