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Assuming you have python 3+ and docker already installed on your computer, the following are the steps you would take to set up a simple development environment for your Django Web Application.
Step 1:

Pick a location for your code, preferably the Desktop, and make a directory there through your terminal for Mac/Linux users or Command Line(CMD) for Windows users. I will call mine django_docker_playground. Then navigate to that directory as shown below.

$ cd ~/Desktop

While inside the django_docker_playground folder, create the virtual environment by running the command below.

$ python3 -m venv…

Before we get started, ensure that you have the following tools already installed on your local machine.

  • An IDE, preferably WebStorm or Visual Studio Code.
  • Node JS installed
  • Angular CLI and Angular version 5

Creating the angular project

Create a new project angular project by issuing the command in the terminal

ng new shoppers

This application will use the bootstrap 4 framework for CSS.

cd shoppers

Install bootstrap 4 and its dependencies.

npm install bootstrap jquery popper.js —-save

now add the following line to the file styles.css

@import ‘~bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css’;

Now bootstrap CSS is ready to be used in our application.

next open shoppers with…

Buying from the shop
Buying from the shop


Before we get started, I assume you are a familiar with Lumen or Laravel and you just want to get the complete workflow of how to build a project that fully covers Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) plus JWT authentication in laravel lumen and that you want to understand how the whole thing (REST API) can be consumed with a client application written in say Angular or any other client written in Javascript library or framework.

In this part 1 of the two-part series of creating a shopping list application called shoppers, I will build a REST API in…

My most recent learning experience has been learning better programming practices with flask through the use of flask blueprints, singleton pattern and factory method pattern when creating global application contexts. I learned each of these I also had to learn how to incorporate TDD with these new techniques.
Thanks to today’s challenge I have learned these new things and I am 100% confident that I can write very clean code being that I am equipped with these amazing techniques also known as design patterns. I was very confused at first on how to use factory method with flask and how to…

Day two like the past 2days has been quite challenging most especially with the part involving creating a recipes application using flask. Flask is a micro-framework used to develop web applications. Unlike most popular web frameworks such as Django, flask does not ship with database support out of the box that’s why it’s well suited for our particular challenge of creating a web application that has non persitent data. This is done basically to train aspiring Andelans to become comfortable with data structures and front-end technologies.
During day2 a lot has been learned. For example reading the documentation whenever you meet…

Today is day two of the Andela self learning clinic and in this blog i will write about my recent learning experience.

Today unlike day one has been quite very challenging in a way that i have been having very poor Internet connection and power blackouts home. Which has hindered my progress. Despite that, i was able to ask my very supporting LFA for extra time so that i may accomplish my tasks for day2.

I was able to receive feedback from my LFA about the challenge for day1 and responded accordingly so it made me realize how important feedback if you want to become a world-class software developer.

I am hoping for the very best the following day by being more productive and collaborative toward my team and my other fellow boot-campers.

In this blog post, i document my most recent learning experience during the Self Learning Clinic (SLC) at Andela.

The most recent challenging learning experience I encountered in Andela boot-camp Self Learning Clinic was learning front-end technology for the web and then developing front-end using bootstrap. For a long time I never used to like learning front-end technologies for example bootstrap, However, by the end of day1 of the SLC I found my self quite comfortable and becoming good at front-end design despite my previous negative attitude towards front-end technologies. Because I am new to front-end, I found my self-asking…

My name is Sebuliba Adrian. I am a Ugandan. I am on a journey seeking guidance and knowledge and exploring self discovery in tech . I am going to document about my background, interests, achievements and my goals.

I was born in the suburbs of Kampala called makerere . Where i have spent the last 17 years of my life. Makerere is famous for the university.

I went to Makerere university in 2012 for a bachelors of science degree in electrical in engineering. When i was at the university i started to work as a part time teacher in a…

Today is the forth day that i document my experience at the Andela bootcamp.

Today at the bootcamp we had to finish up where we left off from day 3’s challenge that is to is to create an application that allows users to record and share things they want to spend money on meeting the needs of keeping track of their shopping lists. The Required Features of the application are:

Users create accounts

Users can log in

Users create, view, update and delete shopping lists.

Users can add, update, view or delete items in a shopping list

This is the…

Today is my third day when i document my recent learning experience at the Andela bootcamp week -1 cohort3 dubbed the Self Learning Clinic.

Today has mostly been a big learning experience for me. I have learned how to effectively do pull requests and even review other peoples pull requests. Today i have experienced the full power of collaboration and team work through the use of git and github. With git, you can push your changes to github and make pull requests which your teammates can review and make recommendations and even comment upon.

This helps you to improve yourself…

Adrian Sebuliba

I’m a Software Engineer in love with everything tech

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